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To AZ Atty Gen. Mark Brnovich: We Don't Need Tough Talk, AZ & USA Need Swift and Decisive Action


The Arizona Attorney General has recently boldly stated “We must defend state sovereignty and protect the integrity of our elections” and vowed to bring Criminal Charges against those who have violated numerous Federal and State Voting Regulations. Those are strong statements and what most the people want to hear. If so, the AZ Attorney General has seemingly received the peoples’ message loud and clear. However, the AZ AG, Mark Brnovich, who is also running for a Senate Seat in 2022, needs to fully understand and be aware that the people of the Great State of Arizona don’t want tough talk and/or false promises. But rather, both Arizona and our Country, if not the entire World too, need swift, decisive action and Criminal Prosecutions, including those individuals seen on videotape deleting Election files and data before turning over Election Records (ie. pursuant to a Senate Subpoena) for the Maricopa County Election Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election. Meanwhile, this is what I and others with eyes and ears open are seeing and hearing right now:

1. Massive Fraud

2. Election Decertification

3. Criminal Prosecutions

At this important time, we all require more than “lip service” as Arizona and our Country need “Accountability” and we need it Now! Therefore, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich needs to promptly step up to "defend" the State of Arizona, our Election process and procedures by taking swift and decisive action(s) to Criminally Prosecute, to the fullest extent of State and Federal Law, any and all Election Interference/Fraud Perpetrators and all Co-Conspirators. This State and all other States, who have been similarly defrauded and their Citizens deprived of Constitutionally- Protected Voting Rights as well as Privileges, should now step up and effectively "throw the book" at anybody in the Fraud Food Chain or the Pipeline, so to speak, whether into or out of the "Swamp". This can be accomplished with the continued aid and support of our Law enforcement, Military and our true President, Donald J. Trump. Thereafter, we can collectively, as a Constitutional Republic, emerge like a Phoenix, rising from the Ashes, leading a growing, knowing base of conservative, God-loving Patriots, who yearn & have been fighting the Deep State for some time at all levels to be once again, One Nation Under God, Indivisible with Liberty & Justice for All. God Bless America!

Kelly J Patriot

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See also following Link: re Liberty Report by Kelly J Patriot, Save Our Country #1 (AZ Audit & Voter Integrity - Still Repeating the Past & Avoiding the Truth)


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