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The Assassination of Robert Kennedy: Uncovering the CIA's Dark Secrets

Chadwick 07.22.2023


The assassination of Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy, has long been shrouded in controversy and conspiracy theories. Recently, Robert Kennedy Jr. has come forward with startling claims that a CIA operative was responsible for his father's death. In this article, we delve into the evidence presented by RFK Jr., highlighting the inconsistencies in the official narrative and raising questions about the CIA's involvement.

The Autopsy Report:
Kennedy Jr. asserts that the autopsy report provides damning evidence that Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of killing his father, could not have been the lone gunman. According to the report, Robert Kennedy was shot four times from behind, with all shots having an uphill trajectory and leaving carbon tattoos on his flesh. This contradicts the official story that Sirhan fired from the front. Additionally, 77 eyewitnesses saw that Sirhan was never behind Kennedy, further undermining the official account.

The Real Shooter:
Kennedy Jr. claims that the real shooter was Eugene Cesar, a security guard who worked for Lockheed and was a vocal racist with a hatred for the Kennedys. He alleges that Cesar, a CIA operative, was positioned behind his father during the shooting. Eyewitness testimony and forensic audio analysis suggest the presence of multiple shots, including double shots, which could not have been fired by Sirhan alone. The limited ammunition in Sirhan's weapon raises questions about the missing bullets and the possibility of a second shooter.

The Attorney Connection:
Another intriguing aspect is the connection between Sirhan's attorney and a mob boss implicated in the JFK assassination. Kennedy Jr. points out that Sirhan's lawyer was the same attorney who represented Johnny Roselli, a mobster who disappeared before testifying before the assassination committee. This raises suspicions about a potential cover-up and the manipulation of the trial proceedings.

CIA contractor Robert Maheu

The Motive:
Kennedy Jr. highlights the motive behind his father's assassination, suggesting that both Robert and John F. Kennedy posed threats to the military-industrial complex and the CIA's covert operations. RFK's intention to dismantle or reform the CIA, coupled with his public questioning of his brother's assassination, made him a target. The Kennedys' aversion to participating in the Vietnam War, which the CIA allegedly exploited for its own purposes, further fueled the motive.

Cover-Up and Suppression of Evidence:
The article explores instances of evidence tampering and suppression. The destruction of Cesar's gun, the failure to examine it in connection with the bullets found in the pantry, and the mishandling of the crime scene raise serious concerns about the investigation's integrity. The firing of the coroner, Thomas Naguchi, who discovered soot in Kennedy's hair shavings, further suggests a cover-up to protect the official narrative.

The assassination of Robert Kennedy remains a haunting chapter in American history. Robert Kennedy Jr.'s claims of a CIA operative's involvement, supported by inconsistencies in the autopsy report, eyewitness testimonies, and suppressed evidence, raise significant doubts about the official account. The article emphasizes the need for a thorough reexamination of the case and the CIA's history of covert operations. Only through uncovering the truth can justice be served and the potential for a more peaceful world be realized.



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