ROE v. WADE ... Pro-Life is Pro-Choice so Be Responsible, Protect Life and the US Constitution


Norma McCorvey aka “Jane Roe” and Pro-Choice:

1. Selected by Abortion advocates as perfect candidate for a Plaintiff;

2. Was misled by her own Attorneys to go forward & file the Lawsuit;

3. Was not raped and she later confessed to lying about being raped;

4. Gave birth to Baby she tried to Abort & later gave up for Adoption;

5. Regretted case used to legalize Abortion, 55,000,000 Babies died as

women also suffered emotional damage and impaired relationships;

6. Later became a born-again Christian & a Pro-Life activist/worker;

7. Died in 2017 after supporting Pro-Life & denouncing Roe v. Wade;

8. SCJ Ruth Bader Ginsberg acknowledged it was a flawed Decision;

9. There is a Constitutionally-Protected Right to Life and Liberty;

10. There is no specific Constitutional Right to Privacy (see Note).

Pro-Choice = Choose to be Responsible, Ethical & Moral

+ Abstinence/Contraception/Motherhood/Adoption

+ Choose not to Kill one of God’s Precious Babies

Note: You should know, this is about $$ and getting access to fetal tissue for even more illicit Big-Pharma Vaccines & Bioweapons Research, as well as the attendant Child-Sacrifice & Organ-Harvesting programs, and Companies still supporting Deep State Abortions, including out-of-State transportation and/or Kill-Pills, are simply trying to save $$ by eliminating Maternity Leave and avoiding having to pay ongoing Healthcare for the (born) child. This really has nothing to do with a woman's "Choice", but all to do with maintaining a corrupt and demonic system. The end is now.