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Mike Lindell "The Third Miracle is Coming"

On March 10th, 2021, thanks to, over 3000 patriots showed up in Queen Creek, Arizona, to support President Donald Trump and listen to Mike Lindell speak. The shocking words that came out of Mike Lindell's mouth "President Donald Trump will be back in office this summer" came as no surprise to the people of Arizona who know that the amount of fraud from the 2020 Presidential election was overwhelming. These patriots are currently deep in a battle for the truth to come out as the 100% forensic audit is now underway. Instead, the inspired people rose out of their seats, cheered, and clapped as they look forward to the day the truth is unveiled to the world.

Mike Lindell does not like that America's first amendment is heavily under attack by big tech. So he did something about it. For the first time, Mike Lindell announces his exciting new freedom of speech platform. It's a cross between YouTube and Twitter. Unlike YouTube and Twitter will completely respect the united states first amendment. You will be safe from being canceled as Mike Lindell has spent millions of dollars and has bought his own servers to give the people their voice back.

Mike Lindell's launches to the world on Monday the 19th. But if you go sign up anytime from now until Thursday the 15th, you will automatically become a VIP. See you there!

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