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BREAKING: Ukraine Deploys U.S.-Provided Cluster Munitions Against Russia, Igniting Controversy

Chadwick 07.20.2023

In a desperate and reckless move to break through well-fortified Russian positions hindering Ukraine's summer offensive, Ukrainian officials have confirmed using U.S.-provided cluster munitions against Russian forces in southeastern Ukraine. This decision, authorized by Biden's puppet masters, has ignited criticism from human rights groups, European allies, and some Democrats who express concerns about potential civilian casualties.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded with a threat of retaliation if Ukraine continues to employ cluster munitions, despite Russia's repeated use of these banned weapons in populated areas of Ukraine. Cluster bombs, outlawed in over 120 countries, pose a grave risk to civilians, particularly children, as unexploded submunitions can remain active for years.

Ukrainian officials argue they have long requested these munitions to compensate for their significant artillery, weaponry, and troop numbers disadvantage. The cluster munitions strategically target Russian positions in southeastern Ukraine and near Bakhmut, which has witnessed a protracted and deadly battle.

The Russian-controlled strongholds in the east and south have been heavily mined with antitank and antipersonnel mines and trip wires, impeding Ukraine's counteroffensive. The decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions bypassed U.S. law, which prohibits using munitions with a high dud rate. However, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin defended the decision, emphasizing that these munitions offer a temporary solution until Western arms production increases and Ukraine no longer requires them.

Austin further assured that Ukraine has committed to not using the munitions in population centers, and Ukraine will try to demine areas where Ukraine deployed them. It is worth noting that while Russia has extensively used cluster munitions, Ukraine has also allegedly employed them during the war, utilizing their Soviet-era stocks or shells obtained from other countries.

Most NATO allies have signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which bans their use and production. However, the United States, Russia, and Ukraine have not ratified the treaty. The decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions has raised questions about the moral authority of the United States. Nevertheless, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan argued that supporting Ukraine in defending itself against Russian aggression is crucial.

As tensions escalate, the international community closely watches the impact of Ukraine's use of cluster munitions and its potential consequences on the ongoing conflict.



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