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Arizona Audit & Voter Integrity - Still Repeating the Past and Avoiding the Truth

Amazingly or more appropriate, disappointingly, but not necessarily surprisingly, the Federal Government by and through the [corrupted] Department of [in]Justice and their new main man in charge of corruption, Merrick Garland, have now taken the same tact certain elected officials have previously taken repeatedly attacking, without basis, the comprehensive Maricopa County Election Audit by claiming “the Audit is an attack on the Election System", and also "not about Fairness, Election Security or the Truth”. Thus, instead of upholding and defending the Election Process and Election/Voter Integrity through the utilization of validating Forensic Audits seeking both Truth and to verify valid Votes in the most important Presidential Election in the History of our Country and our Constitution, they have again placed partisan Politics in the way of determining these important objectives. Therefore, we need to look at the past in order to better understand the present with still a long way to go. Meanwhile, for more than the past year and a half, it has seemed like Opposite Day & Groundhog Day every day as the American Public has struggled to fully understand what really happened in the 2020 Election with an increasing appetite for Truth.

1. The PresentUnited States Congressional Committee on Oversight & Reform Hearings

Assessing the Election Audit in Arizona and Threats to American Democracy” - October 7, 2021

2. The PastMaricopa County Election Audit story - The Epoch Times And my Comment(s)

Maricopa County Election Audit on Pace to Be Done by Deadline: Official” - May 30, 2021

See below my “Comment” to The Epoch Times Story:

Friends and fellow Patriots,

I felt compelled to immediately write yesterday morning after I read the Maricopa County Election Audit Epoch Times article at the above link. As a result, I feel I am being directed by the Good Lord and am further compelled to make sure that the pending Audit is timely and properly completed by May 14, 2021, within the one month time period as planned and before the Lease terminates at the Audit Site, which is the Veterans Memorial Coliseum located on the Maricopa County Fairgrounds. As a result of this quest for the Truth and the importance of this issue for our Country, both short-term and most certainly long-term, I am committed to remaining in Arizona until such time, as my Patriotic duty to my Country, my family, friends, and others who can't physically be here and God-willing, in order to preserve and protect Voter Integrity and make sure that we can get to the "Truth" and that Justice can be done.

In that regard, it is my hope and anticipation that Arizona can then be the 1st domino to fall to be followed by some of the other States that were negatively impacted by voting irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election, most notably the so-called swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, as well as California, which I understand that Trump also won, and others until it can be proven that President Donald Trump not only won the 2020 Presidential Election, but most likely won it in a landslide with the most votes in the history of our Country. Wouldn't that be something, especially after the Democrats aka Demonic-rats, Mainstream Media and countless others have [falsely] claimed for so long the 2020 Presidential Election was "the most secure in history", there was "no election fraud", that "Joe Biden won", that this election fraud concept is all a "conspiracy theory", etc. etc. This is especially ironic because for four (4) years during President Trump's first term, all of these same people insisted that President Trump did not win, he was aided by Russia, was a Russian asset, was not the duly-elected President ... as he was also attacked by the Press almost every day.

Yet, they now want to dismiss our well-founded concerns and urge us to just move on and to forget about it ... For me, and as many of you already know, I can't and won't as I believe I am on a "Mission from God", which is very different from the "Blues Brother's version" with the future of not only our Country, but the direction of our World and all future societies at stake this time as the deep state players try to move closer to a "Great Reset" that does not have our best interests in mind either individually or collectively. So if I seem passionate about this, I am and only hope that you can understand and appreciate both what I am doing and what is at stake here. Finally, and as I have said for some time, we need to seek the Truth and keep the Faith as I even more strongly urge that now as we as conservative, God-loving people remain under attack from dark forces that seemingly want to make us extinct. However, I will not go quietly and as is the shared goal and objective of our Pro-Life group trying to bring light to the plight of the 3,000 babies that are aborted every day, I remain committed to give a Voice to the Voiceless, including my fellow Patriots and concerned God-loving Americans citizens, who also care about our Country and future generations.

God Bless America!

Kelly Johnson 4/30/2021 at 7:33 AM

I am here in Arizona right now and was also here last week and have come out from California because as an American citizen, I care about the Right to Vote, Election Integrity and the Truth. However, it appears that the Democrats, the media and certain public officials in Arizona do not, which is very sad and inappropriate. Fortunately and thank God, Patriots and public officials like Arizona Congressman, Paul Gosar, and State Representative, Mark Finchem, who both deserve our support and respect, are fierce advocates and proponents for upholding Voter Rights, Election Integrity, the Truth and our Constitution, which should also be the goal of all true red-blooded Americans.

In that regard, it is outrageous and very telling that Democrats, including Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs say “the audit will change nothing and will actually undermine confidence in the elections”. Amazingly, she also publicly stated on MSNBC that “It is dangerous” and “is potentially precedent-setting for other states in the country” and “if they are able to successfully continue to undermine voters confidence in our election Integrity, they’re going to bring this to other states in the country”. To the contrary, these statements/positions, especially by elected officials are dangerous as the great State of Arizona is instead trying to restore “voters confidence in Election Integrity”. Moreover, I hope this encourages and propels other States to also initiate and conduct thorough Election Audits.

As the 1st Domino to fall, Arizona will change everything as the other 16 States that also potentially experienced voting irregularities in the Nov. 3rd 2020 Presidential Election will also want to seek and know the Truth. As a Patriot and Truth-Seeker, I encourage them to do so and to also closely examine all other down-line votes as President Trump was in all likelihood not the only Republican/conservative candidate impacted. The American people demand and deserve that.

God Bless America & In God We Trust.

Kelly J Patriot



lmclaughlin1004/30/2021 at 7:36 AMVote up+7Vote down

Well said Kelly!

Elaine Lust4/30/2021 at 7:41 AMVote up+11Vote down

Thank you and let us remember that if they had nothing to hide they wouldn’t be working so hard to prevent it.


John T Bakalian4/30/2021 at 7:51 AMVote up+8Vote down

BRAVO Kelly!!!!


catips4/30/2021 at 8:25 AMVote up+4Vote down

God bless you, Kelly!


pumaladygmc4/30/2021 at 8:52 AMVote up+2Vote down

Thank You, plus I think many blue states, like your CA, have probably had manipulated elections for so many years that it is considered normal, and sad.


tymea134/30/2021 at 7:32 AMVote up+4Vote down

Praise the Lord!

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