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Troubleshooting Adobe PDF INF File Errors and Conflicts

5> If Adobe Acrobat is not present in the location you specified, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat. Go to the Adobe Web site. Once Adobe Acrobat is installed and Adobe PDF printer driver is installed you will be able to print from multiple locations to Acrobat.

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7> If you are using a notebook the default application that opens the PDFs will be the print window and not Acrobat. If you wish to print your PDFs from your notebook, open the print window and print from Acrobat. You will be prompted to install the Adobe PDF printer driver to print from Acrobat.

8> In Windows 8.1, you need to right-click on a PDF file in a folder, and then click "View Options" to launch the PDF file's settings dialog. If you don't see this option, you can use File > Open, and find the right option by selecting "PDF" from the "File type:" drop-down menu. You'll need to specify the folder and name (no.pdf at the end), and then hit "OK" on the "Open" dialog window.

9> In Windows 10, there is no way to "view options" as in Windows 8.1. Go to File > Open (as above). Then choose "PDF" from the "File type:" drop-down menu, and fill in the folder, as well as the name of the file you want to view. You should get a dialog window similar to the one below (except that the boxes on the "name" tab are checked):

However, this is not the only issue, because just using the print driver doesn't seem to print the file. You will need to specify the printer, then hit Print, and then print. Note that you need to use the select the Printer at the Top level of the dialog that opens.


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