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Buy Custom Mirror Online __FULL__

You have several choices for installing your custom mirror. In general, you will need to be sure to install your mirror on a sturdy part of your wall (on studs if you can). Typically, we recommend that our customers use mirror mastic and either decorative clips or j-bars to install their mirror, for extra support.

buy custom mirror online

Mirror prices are influenced by a variety of factors, and a good mirror is one that is suitable for your project. The following factors influence the mirror pricing and whether it is appropriate for your project: Size, shape, thickness, and type of mirror. Among the other factors that will influence the selection of a mirror are: whether the mirror is a lead or copper free mirror, whether the mirror is made of HD glass or regular annealed glass, and whether the mirror has a safety backing or lamination.

The best mirrors are those that are lead and copper free. HD glass provides exceptional clarity. A laminated mirror (Mirasafe) offers superior safety. When weight is a determining factor, acrylic mirrors may be the best choice. Mirrors with a thickness of 1/4 inch are the most popular and considered to be the best for a glass mirror. The quality of the silver backing in the mirror will determine the clarity of the reflection.

Flat polish edge mirrors: A flat edge, the most common, has been sanded down and polished to a smooth shiny finish. Mirrors with flat polish edges are an excellent addition to a modern, minimalist décor.

Beveled edge mirrors: A beveled edge involves cutting and polishing a mirror with a specific bevel width, which is chosen by the buyer during customization. Normal bevel widths can range in size from 1/4" to 1-3/4". The end product is very attractive; making beveled edge mirrors a perfect stand-alone decorative element for any room. For more information about beveled edge customization, go to our beveled mirror page.

Seamed edge mirrors: A seamed edge is applied to mirrors primarily as a safety precaution. The rough edges are sanded down, making the mirror easier to handle. However, due to the relatively unfinished look of a seamed edge, this type of mirror is mainly recommended for framing.

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Customize your mirror and buy the exact size you need for a framed mirror to brighten up your home or interior design project. These large custom framed mirrors can be used as bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, floor mirrors, full length dressing mirrors, entry mirrors, fireplace mantle mirrors, modern & contemporary mirrors, or just as a huge leaning wall mirror.

MirrorLot has the largest collection of mirror frames and the most options for sizes. View our collection of gold frames, black frames, white frames, silver frames, espresso frames, or search by keywords to select a frame for your mirror.

Every MirrorLot mirror goes through a meticulous quality control process to ensure our high quality standards are met. The quality you see in our mirrors are far more superior than those imported mirrors you often see online or in retail stores. Our works can be found in top hotels and real estate developments all over the country.

Your mirror is shipped in a special designed box just for shipping mirrors. These special shipping boxes and padding material for mirrors have been through many rigorous testing processes developed by our partnership with FedEx and UPS.

Give your space instant designer style with a custom mirror frame! Our Add A Frame kits adhere directly to the surface of your mirror, so they will install easily if your mirror is against a wall or is resting on a backsplash. No mirror? No problem! You can purchase one of our custom framed mirrors and have it built to fit in most any space.Frame My Mirror offers a wide variety of styles and colors so you get the exact look you want. Browse our many Add A Frame and Framed Mirror options, then follow the simple measuring instructions to begin your design makeover!

Good news: Mixing hardware gets a solid green light from our design experts, with a few parameters in mind. In fact, when done tastefully, mixing metals can make a home feel intentional and custom. Read four of our top tips to avoid common decorating faux pas.

Cheap quality pre-made framed mirrors are a dime a dozen. However, at Texas Custom Mirrors we custom build our mirrors. Each order is made only for you. What if you could order a frame style you love and the exact size you desire? We make wall mirrors and floor mirrors in the Exact Size you need. We create the Perfect Customized Framed mirror for your home or office. Feel free to call for questions.

We offer very competitive prices for our custom mirrors. Many customers SAVE 30% over retail custom shops. Box framing stores are expensive. However, at Texas Custom Mirrors, we offer much better workmanship than cheap box stores We also have great prices on delivery and installation of mirrors in Texas. We deliver up to five mirrors for one low price. We think we offer great value for our products that add beauty to your decor for years.

We are an American Company located in Texas. All framed mirrors are manufactured in San Antonio and com with full warranty. We use high quality wood frames and beautiful polished glass. We design floor mirrors with special reinforced corners. They are built to last!

We build matching bathroom mirrors in the custom size and style you need? Order the perfect bathroom mirror and know that you will receive a great quality product. We have a variety of styles and colors in our frames. We ship nationwide but offer special pricing in Texas. Do you need installation services? We have pro installers to place the mirror exactly where you need. VISIT OUR BATHROOM MIRROR PAGE

Texas Custom Mirrors builds the most beautiful floor mirrors to custom sizes and with your selected frame style. We use special reinforcements on our frame corners. This makes them stronger for standing on the floor. Our custom floor mirrors are made to lean against a wall. You can select your frame and your beautiful mirror is shipped within 7 to 10 business days. BAR & LIVING AREASWe offer beautiful framed wall mirrors for dinning rooms, bars and living areas. Do you need a matching mirror to install over a bar, or kitchen counter. We have many frames to compliment your granite or wood. Then we build to the perfect size. In living areas we offer frames that can match your furniture. Beautiful natural wood frames are our most popular for living rooms and dinning areas. TESTIMONIALS AND ADDITIONAL FACTS !We offer Commercial Discounts!Do you have a large commercial project? We offer discounts for large orders. Commercial builders of hotels and condos, restaurants and apartment projects we can give substantial discounts on framed and unframed mirrors.

We also offer delivery and installation for large projects. Our company have completed installation for large projects of over 400 custom mirrors. We can read blueprints and are expert installers. We offer delivery to any place in the Continental United States. Please contact us for your next commercial project. VISIT COMMERCIAL MIRRORS PAGE

We build oversized custom mirrors. Our large framed mirrors can be built up to 110" x 70" inches depending on the frame selection. They can generally be made in about two weeks. Please call about a quote on shipping prices as they are not standard. We can also deliver and install in your home or office. They are very heavy and need unique installation to insure they are secure. VISIT LARGE FRAMED MIRROR PAGE

Who are we? Texas Custom Mirrors is a San Antonio,Texas Company. All manufacturing is in San Antonio, USA. Although we ship nationwide, in Texas we offer special shipping and installation services in central and east Texas.We started in 1985 under a different name but have been in business for 30 years and built thousands of beautiful mirrors to many satisfied customers.

What a pleasure ordering from Texas Custom Mirrors, not only did I receive my mirror on time, they did a fantastic job of installation. We measured our space a little tight above the bathroom counter but they took time to make it fit. When finished, they looked fantastic.

We offer three sizes of round pocket mirrors that you can customize in our easy online tool. Not sure what to print on your custom mirrors? Our superb pocket mirror samples can help out. These high resolution photos will give you a close-up view of our high quality product and printing, and maybe give you some ideas for your own personalized mirrors! Our unique pocket-sized mirrors are the perfect custom swag item. This is custom merch that gets your customers excited!

Stake Glass is your online mirror glass supplier for residential and commercial applications. We supply a wide range of decorative frameless mirrors in NZ, from bathroom mirrors to full length/large mirrors, round mirrors, wall mirrors and more. Please note, our current maximum limits for North Island Delivery are: 1.6m and weight 25kg.