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Beast (2022) Movie Trailer [CRACKED]

"It's the law of the jungle! It's the only law that matters." Universal has debuted the first official trailer for Beast, a new angry lion movie from director Baltasar Kormákur (The Deep, 2 Guns, Everest, The Oath). This reminds me of the 90s hit The Ghost and the Darkness, also about rogue lions attacking people with a similar intensity as this one. Idris Elba stars in a pulse-pounding new thriller about a father and his two teenage daughters who find themselves hunted by a massive rogue lion intent on proving that the savannah has but one apex predator. Iyana Halley plays Daniels' 18-year-old daughter, Meredith, and Leah Sava Jeffries plays his 13-year-old, Norah. Also co-starring Sharlto Copley as the local game reserve manager. There's only two or three real shots of the lion in this trailer, which is obviously CGI. And the final scene in this very much seems like a Jurassic Park riff in the truck when the T-Rex attacks them. Check it out below.

Beast (2022) Movie Trailer

And as Paramount announced (opens in new tab), Transformers 7: Rise of the Beasts is the first of three new installments. This sounds like a whole trilogy of movies. Are we going to get the "fall of the beasts," as well?

We have our first Transformers 7: Rise of the Beasts trailer, and it's bringing the Transformers to the big city. While Optimus Primal gets most of the time, we do see a bunch of other beasts, which Optimus Prime invites with a grim "Let them come!" Anthony Ramos also has a lot of time in the trailer.

There is no trailer yet available for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The June 22 press conference marked the beginning of principal photography, which meant there was nothing to preview when the movie was announced.

My initial impression is that it feels like How To Train Your Dragon meets Treasure Planet. I predict that there will be more to the terrifying beasts than meet the eye. Same for our plucky stowaway and the seemingly gruff, unfeeling monster hunter. The Seat Beast is from director Chris Williams who is behind other notable animated movies such as Moana and Big Hero 6. With this in mind, the audience will be in store for high action, big emotion and brilliant writing.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Spider-Man: No Way Home may have felt like a movie, but for Marvel, it operated as a movie trailer, raking in $1.8 billion while setting up Doctor Strange for the next installment. Out May 6. 041b061a72


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