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Sinhala Sindu Potha Pdf Downloadbooksks ((BETTER))

Sinhala Sindu Potha: The Ultimate Collection of Sinhala Songs in PDF Format

If you are a fan of Sinhala music, you might have heard of Sinhala Sindu Potha, a series of books that contain the lyrics and chords of hundreds of popular Sinhala songs. Sinhala Sindu Potha is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn, sing, or play Sinhala songs on guitar, piano, or any other instrument.

sinhala sindu potha pdf downloadbooksks

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sinhala Sindu Potha, including what it is, how to download it, and what are some of the best songs in it. Read on to find out more.

What is Sinhala Sindu Potha?

Sinhala Sindu Potha is a collection of books that contain the lyrics and chords of Sinhala songs from various genres and eras. The books are divided into volumes, each containing about 200 songs. The songs are arranged alphabetically by title, and each song has the name of the singer, composer, and lyricist. The books also have an index at the end for easy reference.

Sinhala Sindu Potha was created by an unknown author who wanted to share his passion for Sinhala music with others. The books are not for sale or profit, but for personal use only. The author has scanned and uploaded the books to the internet for anyone to download and enjoy.

How to Download Sinhala Sindu Potha PDF Books?

Downloading Sinhala Sindu Potha PDF books is very easy and free. You can find them on various websites that offer Sinhala ebooks, such as All you need to do is click on the link of the volume you want to download, and then click on the download button. You can also read the books online if you prefer.

Alternatively, you can also download an app called Sindu Potha - Sinhala lyrics on your iPhone or iPad. This app has a collection of over 5000 Sinhala songs with lyrics and chords. You can search for songs by title, artist, genre, or keyword. You can also create playlists, mark your favorites, and share songs with your friends. The app also connects to Apple Music so you can listen to the songs while reading the lyrics.

What are Some of the Best Songs in Sinhala Sindu Potha?

Sinhala Sindu Potha has a variety of songs from different genres and eras, such as classical, folk, pop, rock, rap, reggae, and more. Some of the songs are old classics that have been passed down for generations, while others are recent hits that have topped the charts. Some of the songs are original compositions by Sri Lankan artists, while others are adaptations or translations of foreign songs.

Some of the best songs in Sinhala Sindu Potha are:

  • Ananthayen Aa Tharu Kumara by Indika Ruwan - A romantic ballad about a couple who are separated by distance but united by love.

  • Bambara Nade by Bachi Susan and Shanika Madumali - A catchy pop song about a girl who is mesmerized by a boy's dance moves.

  • Dura Penena Thanithala by Athma Liyanage - A sad song about a man who regrets losing his lover.

  • Ganga Addara by Vijaya Kumaratunga - A classic song from a movie of the same name about a young man who falls in love with a girl from a different social class.

  • Hanthana Sihine by W.D. Amaradeva and Umaria - A beautiful duet about two lovers who admire the beauty of nature.

  • Kiri Muhuda Kalabala by Sunil Edirisinghe - A folk song about a farmer who praises his wife for her hard work and loyalty.

  • Mage Punchi Rosa Male by Amarasiri Peiris - A nostalgic song about a boy who remembers his childhood sweetheart.

  • Ninda Noyana Handawe by Iraj Weeraratne and Ranidu Lankage - A rap song about a guy who tries to impress a girl with his words.