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Nice Package

The package data served by the npm registryis messy and confusing. The folks at npm, Inc maintain a tool callednormalize-package-datawhich does a lot of work to clean this data up, but the resulting object isstill a bit confusing.

So fun to send a nice package! Here you'll locate a little bit of everything we offer. For delivery throughout Portland, OR. and Vancouver, WA. Several items will ship well nationwide. Email us with questions please!

Pamper yourself and rediscover your naughty side. Let the naughty meet nice with this 5-night package with a romantic room set-up including breakfast, spa treatments, a romantic dinner, cabana package, airport transfer, and more!

Type MISSION Nice PackageVictor Vance talking to Umberto Robina in Umberto's home in Little HavanaGameGrand Theft Auto: Vice City StoriesFor Umberto RobinaLocationUmberto Robina's House, Little HavanaTargetCuban PackageMission ObjectivesYou're not the only one after the package... Watch out for the other guys.Pick up the package.Hilberto has the package! Take him down!Pick up the package.Take the package to the drop off.Conditions of mission failureWastedBustedPackage stolenReward(s)$750Unlocked byJive DriveUnlocksBallsTechnical InformationTime of dayIn-game time

Victor was paged by Umberto who wants to talk to him. Upon arriving at Umberto's home, he starts to joke about Victor and he angrily threatens Umberto with a handgun. While Victor asks Umberto about how he knew Marty Jay Williams, Victor also asks him about opening an alliance with each other, but Umberto refuses and wants Vic to show his "balls" first. When outside Victor and a Cuban gang member get in the parked Cuban Hermes and go after the package being driven by another Cuban and being chased by more Cubans. After a chase Victor picks up the package and takes it back to Umberto.

After dropping off the package, a news reporter interpreted as one of many street races around Vice City and she added that in some cases, weapons were fired, regardless of whether the player used weapons.

"Hey Santa, nice package"! Bring out these funny holiday cocktail napkins at your next festive gathering to complement the drinks and company. Combine with cocktail mixers or other Shady Lady goodies to create a personalized holiday or Christmas gift!

Have them take a good look in and around their backyard/front yard/lobby/etc. - there's a good chance it's hiding somewhere (trust us, it happens all the time). If a box is delivered according to your tracking but the recipient didn't get it, our customer care team will do everything our power to locate it by calling the carrier and even the intended delivery building to give you all the information you need. Beyond that, unfortunately this is a rare situation that's out of our control, and could be attributable to any number of things, including the package being stolen or lost. We recommend filing a carrier claim, and we'd be happy to do the same on our end.

Rest assured that all Fruitloots gift boxes have been carefully curated, assembled, and packaged to provide your recipient a memorable moment provided by you. Here at Fruitloots we stand firmly behind our product so all of our gift boxes and the items contained in them are final sale and not eligible for returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. Trust us- they're gonna love it!

If looks were everything, consumers would be over the moon about their packaging. According to packaging solutions provider MeadWestvaco, appearance is the one aspect of packages that consumers rate higher in performance than they do in importance. It's what prompts two-thirds of them to buy products off the shelf without knowing anything about them or doing any research into them.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder had a bedroom painted black with a narrow mirror running the circumference of the room at crotch-height. Learning this fact led to the inspiration for Nice Package, an installation and an admiration that celebrates the most personal intersection of each visitor. The installation required a slightly wider mirror to accommodate the differing heights of individuals viewing the work; should this piece be mounted in your home, the mirror would be specifically adjusted to the height required for optimum effect. The view in the mirror hones in on the nicest package one could ever receive: your own!

Plus, for people in a hurry with no time to think through their purchase (my husband), a prepackaged gift set offers the grab-and-go convenience of a box of wrapped-up Russell Stover chocolates. Not the most elevated metaphor I could conjure, but there it is.

A wannabe professional thief has an epic fail when he's caught stealing a package and forced to take a young woman as hostage back to his gay friend's house where, despite pressure from his deranged, yoga-loving boss, he can't dispense with her and instead the three face a bunch of quirky thugs sent by the boss who will do anything to get his hands on the mysterious package.

The Nice Apollo 1550 ETL-1K Watt Swing Gate Operator Package with 30 Watt Solar Panel includes all of the core components needed to improve safety and security by reliable regulating traffic flow into and out of an area. Thanks to its solar panel and regulator, you can safely and reliably harness the power of the sun and allow you to both keep your space safe while also being environmentally friendly. The package also comes with a compact, easy-to-use transmitter, a wireless keypad for even more security and an adjustable long-range antenna so you can count on your gate to open and close whenever you need it.

Designed for gates up to 600 lbs. and 16', the Nice Apollo 1550ETL-1K gate operator is easy to install and is weather resistant. Add on the 10-watt solar panel to save money on your energy bill. Having a solar-powered gate opener allows you to install it far from electrical networks, lets your gate opener run in the event of a power outage and helps conserve the earth's resources while offering you the best in gate security and reliability. This package includes everything you need to operate your swing gate smoothly and safely, including wireless keypad, antenna and photo eye pair.

When you finally find a great soft-rock jingle package that your listeners actually enjoy hearing, It's Nice. When that package helps keep you #1, that's Very Nice... a collection of transitions, format elements and daypart promos. You can use the package on its own, or in conjunction with other packages in the Nice series.

Realign your body and mind with a sensual, spiritual, and soothing stay in a premium room and $100 dollars to spend in the Rock Spa or Aveda Salon, as well as an Aveda Spa amenity valued at $56. The package includes an incredible 25% discount on all Rock Spa retail products, as well as lunch buffet for two and a complimentary late check-out at 2:00 PM.

The Retune Package must be booked 48 hours prior to arrival date. No refunds will be made for any unused package components. Spa services must be booked separately and prior to arrival. Guests can expect a credit card charge to appear 48 hours prior to arrival. No refunds or changes may be made after the 48-hour cutoff. 59ce067264

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