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Community Health Nursing by K Park - Goodreads

the wide variety of interventions that can be used to improve health and reduce health inequities is best seen as a continuum, with more intense interventions on one end and less intense on the other. (see figure 3-1.) the continuum includes the following: community-based interventions; the worksite; health care facilities and systems; and policies and environmental changes.

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given the complexity of the health issue, the variety of interventions to reduce health inequities, and the array of stakeholders involved, it is challenging to create and implement community-based interventions and programs. for example, programs and interventions that promote physical activity and healthy eating are often effective, but they do not address the social and environmental contexts in which people live ( wing et al., 2012 ; wills et al., 2015 ). it is not sufficient for community members to only eat healthy foods and increase physical activity in their homes and neighborhoods; they must be provided with the resources, assistance, and opportunities to engage in those activities ( wills et al.

the influence of the built environment on the social environment can also be important. a well-designed physical environment can make it easier for individuals to access healthy resources, for example, a grocery store or park, or provide opportunities for social interaction such as community gardens or parks ( healthy people 2020, 2016 ). poorly designed environments such as residential neighborhoods or communities can negatively affect the social environment. examples include physical structures and conditions that can lead to violence or mental illness, and the presence of vacant lots, garbage, and graffiti that can have a negative impact on the community's sense of safety ( healthy people 2020, 2016 ; kohler et al., 2016 ).


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