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Johnny English Returns


After spending some time in seclusion and honing his martial arts skills, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), returns to the British Secret Service. Feeling reborn, the covert agent takes on the task of protecting the Chinese premier. Unfortunately, he does so in his former clumsy style.

English returns to present evidence in the form of a Vortex key, and Pegasus receives him at her estate along with the Foreign Secretary during her daughter Izzie's birthday party. Both she and English are personally humiliated when it turns out that the key was stolen on the flight back to England, and she sees the Foreign Secretary out as Izzie leads her party in the conservatory. English suddenly bursts into the hall throttling a white-haired woman who he proclaims to be Fisher's assassin. Horrifed, Pegasus screams that it is her mother and immediately goes to her aid by taking her to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Leaving the kitchen, she is met by English who attempts to apologise but is told to tell it to her mother. Unfortunately, the one he speaks to is the real killer and he once again attacks her mother in a case of mistaken identity. Furious, Pegasus berates him for his failures and his repeated attempts to kill her mother and refuses to listen to his insistences that Vortex was responsible for the debacle in Mozambique.

Rowan Atkinson has, over the past few decades, produced some of this country's finest comedy, so we're intrigued to see what he's got coming up with Johnny English Reborn, the spy-spoof sequel where he returns as the hapless MI7 agent who only wishes he were James Bond.

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