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Bocchi The Rock! Episode 2

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Bocchi the Rock! Episode 2


"See You Tomorrow"Episode2Japaneseまた明日RomajiMata AshitaAdaptationChapter 3Chapter 4Japan air dateOctober 16, 2022Theme SongsOpening"Seishun Complex"Ending"Distortion!!"CreditsScreenplayErika YoshidaStoryboardKeiichiro SaitoDirectorYoshiyuki FujiwaraAnimation Director(s)Hirohiko SukegawaEpisode guidePreviousNext"Lonely Rolling Bocchi""Be Right There""See You Tomorrow" (また明日, Mata Ashita) is the second episode of the anime series, Bocchi the Rock!. It premiered on October 16, 2022.

Man, this OP really has some RIFFS, huh? Most guitar rock in anime trends towards basic pop-punk with standard strummed chords, so I appreciate that this song actually has a couple energetic guitar lines, something that a genuine guitarist like Bocchi could sink her teeth into

After the great performance Kessoku Band put on in the previous episode, episode 6 of Bocchi The Rock! presents Bocchi with a different problem altogether: getting five people to buy tickets to the upcoming live. Her mind goes into overdrive as she realizes over and over that the four people in her life (this includes the family dog, Jimihen) are not enough to make up the numbers she needs to fulfill her portion of Kessoku Band's quota for the evening.

After helping the stranger, Bocchi tries to take her leave, but she asks for her name and starts talking to her about how great drinking is. Bocchi's discomfort isn't even a consideration, since the older lady is so drunk she only realizes that Bocchi is much younger than she is a while into the conversation. When she notices Bocchi's guitar, Hitori tries to lie about it, claiming that she's not worthy of playing it and was on her way to selling it at a pawn shop; however, the older woman tells Bocchi not to give up on playing the guitar. She reveals that she also dabbles in rock music, which makes the nervous Bocchi even less capable of regular social interaction as the premise of interacting with an older rocker makes her anticipate the kind of bitter treatment rookies tend to get from bitter oldheads, regardless of medium. However, the happy-go-lucky stranger quickly snaps up the opportunity to show her junior rocker a thing or two.

The tenth episode of Bocchi The Rock! was yet another impressive affair, with a brand-new in-universe band being introduced to the series. Bocchi's eccentric older friend, Kikuri Hiroi, has made reference to her own band in various episodes since her introduction, and this is the episode where her true abilities are displayed for the first time.

The episode kicks off with Bocchi listening to her teacher in class talk about the upcoming culture festival, and coming up with the idea of signing up Kessoku Band for a live-performance during the event. However, Bocchi's fears soon catch up with her, and her brief moment of confidence is replaced with a familiar sight: Bocchi talking herself out of doing something due to the overwhelming anxiety she feels. However, not all is lost in Bocchi the Rock! episode 10 as Kikuri Hiroi becomes the unexpected saviour, once more.

Kikuri gives Kessoku Band free tickets to her band's live performance, and when they offer to pay for them, she insists that she isn't the kind of down-in-the-dumps rocker who'd solicit funds from teenage girls. She also reveals that her band is actually quite popular on the indie scene, so they make their ticket quotas quite easily. Her revelation of course breeds more contempt, this time from both Nijika and Seika, who quip that she takes advantage of their kindness and requests financial favours from them far too often for someone who is part of a fairly successful band. It turns out that Kikuri spends most of the money she makes on replacing the gear she ends up breaking during her drunken performance. She takes the group to her band's home base, the live-house known as Shinjuku FOLT, a club with a much more rough and rugged feel than STARRY.

Bocchi and Nijika are overwhelmed by the intensity of the venue and its patrons, but Kikuri soon shows them that the people there are quite nice. They meet the bar manager, a 37-year-old man named Ginjiro Yoshida, who initially scares them with his intense glare and raccoon eyes; however, he turns out to be a very likable person. Soon after being introduced to Ginjiro, the Kessoku Band members get to make the acquaintance of the remaining members of the psychedelic rock band known as SICK HACK. Prior to the band's performance, Nijika, Kita and Bocchi locate Ryо̄, sitting at a bench in the venue by herself, and she bombards them with copious amounts of information about the band.

Kikuri tells Bocchi that she was once a gloomy misfit sitting in the corner of the classroom, and that she was once scared of buying a bass at a music store or entering a club. She imagined her future, and thought that her gloomy life was far too boring for her, so, in Kikuri's words, she started playing rock music to make her life "do a 180 turn". She only started drinking to deal with the nerves she was experiencing prior to her first live performance, adding that most people are really terrified the first time they do something. Kikuri tells Bocchi that she did well during their improvised street performance and during the live at STARRY, adding that she didn't even need to use alcohol as a crutch. The entire experience serves to be the push that Bocchi needed.

By the twelfth episode, 6 months have passed in the Bocchi The Rock! anime universe since the Bocchi's fated meeting with Nijika. Bocchi The Rock! episode 12 serves as a good end to an amazing journey for the anime, and there are various things this episode does particularly well.

During the breaks between songs, Kita takes care of the MCing, since she's the group's social butterfly. She puts Nijika on the spot by asking her to say a few words to the crowd as Kessoku Band's leader, but Nijika is just as socially-adept, and manages to expertly deliver the story about her little disagreement with Ryо̄ about the nature and purpose of MCing at a rock concert. She tells the crowd to talk to Kita or Bocchi if they're interested in hearing more from Kessoku Band. After the brief break, Kita introduces the next song, "To Become a Constellation", and it is during this second song on their set that Bocchi's problems begin to show themselves. She is almost surprised when it's time for the song to begin, and the worried expression on her face is soon given a reason. Bocchi realizes that her E string is out of tune, and she can't fix it. When she tries to re-tune it, the E string breaks. Bocchi attempts to do damage control by tuning the B string, but the tuning peg is broken.

With her guitar solo coming up, Bocchi's mind is overrun with dark thoughts as the despair sets in. She desperately doesn't want to be the reason why their big festival performance fails, but she sees no way out. However, Kita's hard work shows itself when she's able to ad-lib to cover for Bocchi and keep the song going. Spurred on by her bandmate's guts and confidence, Bocchi grabs a glass jar she sees nearby and begins bottleneck playing to compensate for her guitar being out of tune. The result is far better than the original idea as it gives the song a certain flavour during her solo bit, not to mention it hypes the crowd to no end to see the guitarist pull such cool tricks out of the bag under such heavy odds. Kessoku Band's performance of "To Become a Constellation" is received incredibly well by a full venue, and if one recalls Ryо̄ and Nijika's observation of the Shuka High gymnasium in Bocchi The Rock! episode 11, the place should be able to host a crowd 1000 strong.

Bocchi the Rock! plays a bit of a trick on its audience, I think. It lures you in with a big flashy poster, promising a cool rock & roll show, all shots of lovingly rendered guitars and smeared drumsticks. Then once everyone is inside the venue, waiting for the band to storm the stage and rock their faces off, somebody locks the doors behind them. Now you're trapped as an image of yourself from high school appears on stage and starts reading from your teenage diary, looking you dead in the eyes the whole time.

So yeah, it's fair to say she hits close to home, and much like WATAMOTE nearly a decade ago, that could honestly be too much if the show weren't extremely funny through it all. A lot of that comes down to the presentation: while this is an adaptation of a 4-panel comic, you'd never know it by how the jokes are paced out and delivered, with each conversation transitioning through jokes and dialogue so smoothly that a whole episode can go by before you realize it. Bocchi's imagination spots are rendered with stylized, artistic flair, from fantastical fields of flowers flowing into lava to the court case sentencing her to death for the crime of poor customer service. There's a million incidental details like Bocchi's side-ahoge making a random sproing sound effect, or a flying saucer popping out of Nijika's ponytail, that aren't strictly necessary but put the biggest smile on my face whenever I think about them. Not to mention Bocchi's already legendary face game. It all culminates to make what could be a genuinely depressing wallow into some of the funniest television of the year.

That balance of goofiness and pessimism is key to keeping all of it working, honestly, because part of what makes Bocchi so relatable is that her problems aren't easily surpassed. The fact is, dealing with severe social anxiety is a process that can damn well take the rest of your life. I'm an adult who spent nearly a decade working in customer service, talking to random strangers on a daily basis, and I still have moments where I worry about being judged by the cashier as I'm checking out, or creeping people out if I start up a conversation first. Having supportive friends and a strong motivation to change certainly helps, but it's not a cure-all that'll have our girl becoming a social superstar in just a few episodes. But as much as that sucks to live through, it makes for great tension in a narrative, because we want to see that moment where, if only for a second, Bocchi is able to peer over the wall and see daylight. 041b061a72