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Malayalam Movie Thirakkatha Pdf Download


Malayalam Movie Thirakkatha Pdf Download

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Thirakkatha: A Tribute to the Legends of Malayalam Cinema

Thirakkatha (Screenplay) is a 2008 Malayalam romantic drama film co-produced, written, and directed by Ranjith. The film stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priyamani, Anoop Menon, and Samvrutha Sunil in the lead roles. The film is inspired by the life and relationships of some of the prominent actresses of Malayalam cinema, especially Srividya and her alleged affair with Kamal Haasan.

The film revolves around Akbar Ahmed (Prithviraj), a young filmmaker who wants to make a biopic on the life of yesteryear actress Malavika (Priyamani), who was once a superstar and a national award winner. He tries to find out more about her from her former co-stars and lovers, Ajayachandran (Anoop Menon) and Devadas (Siddique). He also meets her estranged daughter Gayathri (Mallika), who reveals some shocking truths about her mother's life and death. Akbar's quest to unravel the mystery behind Malavika's story leads him to discover some secrets about himself and his own relationship with his girlfriend Devayani (Samvrutha Sunil).

Thirakkatha is a tribute to the legends of Malayalam cinema, who have left behind a legacy of memorable performances and unforgettable stories. The film explores the themes of love, fame, betrayal, and forgiveness through the lens of cinema. The film also features some of the popular songs and scenes from the classic Malayalam films of the 70s and 80s, such as Avalude Ravukal, Madanolsavam, Yavanika, Thoovanathumbikal, etc.

Thirakkatha was critically acclaimed and commercially successful at the box office. It won several awards, including the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value, Best Actor (Prithviraj), Best Actress (Priyamani), Best Screenplay (Ranjith), and Best Male Playback Singer (Vijay Yesudas). Priyamani also won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress â Malayalam for her performance.

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