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Christmas Catch Subtitles English !!BETTER!!

"It became clear to us about three years ago that probably the biggest issue affecting people with hearing loss was the huge gap of there not being subtitles on catch-up and video on demand television," says Dr Roger Wicks, director of the policy and campaigns team at Action on Hearing Loss.

Christmas Catch subtitles English

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"Our broadcasters" are a mixed bag. BBC iPlayer is ahead of the curve, with a solid offering of audio description and subtitles and Visual Signing. On ITV Hub, 100% of pre-recorded content is available with subtitles, as well as some of the more popular live shows, although audio description and visual signing still aren't available on every platform. All4 has made big improvements, and Ofcom notes that All4 audio describes over 20% of catch-up programming on its website and app.

One supporter told Action on Hearing Loss: "One might be watching a series and missed an episode. No subtitles on Virgin catch-up. It spoils the whole series." When it's previously been aired on linear TV but is not available to the deaf on catch-up, that means deaf people cannot watch TV in the same way as wider society.

Sky now provides subtitles on 85% of its own shows, including 90% of catch-up shows such as Patrick Melrose and Game of Thrones. Excluding Sky News and Sky Sports News, 30% of content has audio description. "I do most of my programmes through Sky," says Steven. "It's really easy to find audio described programmes, as well, because on the on-screen guide they highlight it." 041b061a72


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