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One Night Stand Full Movie Tamil 1080p

One Night Stand Full Movie Tamil 1080p

One Night Stand is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language erotic thriller film directed by Jasmine D'Souza and starring Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani and Nyra Banerjee. The film was released on 6 May 2016 and received mixed reviews from critics. The film is about a married man who has a one night stand with a mysterious woman, who later becomes his boss's wife and blackmails him into continuing their affair. The film explores the themes of infidelity, obsession, lust and revenge.


The film begins with Urvil Raisingh (Tanuj Virwani), a successful event manager, waking up next to a woman named Celina (Sunny Leone) in Bangkok. He has no memory of the previous night and tries to sneak out of the hotel without waking her up. However, he finds out that Celina is also attending the same event as him and they exchange awkward glances. Urvil returns to his home in Pune, where his wife Simran (Nyra Banerjee) waits for him. He tries to forget about Celina, but he is haunted by her memories.

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Urvil tracks down Celina's phone number and calls her, but she disconnects the call. He becomes obsessed with her and starts looking for her on social media. He finds out that she lives in Mumbai and decides to go there on the pretext of a business trip. He manages to find her address and follows her to a mall, where he confronts her. Celina is shocked to see him and tells him that their one night stand was a mistake and that he should leave her alone. She also reveals that she is married to a rich businessman named Adhiraj (Khalid Siddiqui) and that she loves him very much.

Urvil is not willing to give up on Celina and blackmails her into meeting him at a hotel. He tells her that he has recorded their intimate moments on his phone and threatens to expose her if she does not comply. Celina reluctantly agrees to meet him, but she deletes the video from his phone when he is not looking. She also tells him that she is pregnant with Adhiraj's child and that he should stay away from her. Urvil is enraged and tries to force himself on her, but she fights back and escapes.

Celina informs Adhiraj about Urvil's harassment and he decides to take action against him. He hires a private detective to gather evidence against Urvil and sends some goons to beat him up. Urvil's life starts falling apart as he loses his job, his reputation and his wife's trust. He realizes his mistake and apologizes to Celina, who forgives him and asks him to move on with his life. The film ends with Urvil returning to Simran, who accepts him back after he confesses everything to her.


  • Sunny Leone as Celina/Ambar Kapoor

  • Tanuj Virwani as Urvil Raisingh

  • Nyra Banerjee as Simran Raisingh

  • Khalid Siddiqui as Adhiraj Kapoor

  • Narendra Jetley as David

  • Aamir Ahmed as Sameer

  • Kapil Punjabi as Prince

  • Reema Lagoo as Urvil's mother


One Night Stand received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Sunny Leone's performance but criticized the weak script, direction and editing. The film was also compared unfavorably to Hollywood films like Fatal Attraction and Unfaithful. The film earned 3.05 crore in its opening weekend at the domestic box office. The film was dubbed in Tamil and Telugu languages and released in 1080p quality on various online platforms .


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