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Dineth Yasiru Nuwanpriya
Dineth Yasiru Nuwanpriya

Cindy Model Dream 20

Cindy Model Dream 20

Cindy Model Dream 20 is a collection of digital art pieces featuring Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium and artist. The collection consists of six images, each with a different color scheme and mood. The images are inspired by Cindy's spiritual experiences and visions, as well as her passion for fashion and beauty.


The collection was created by Kookii, a digital artist and musician who collaborated with Cindy to bring her dreams to life. Kookii used a combination of 3D modeling, photo manipulation, and sound design to create the unique and captivating artworks. Each image is accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Kookii, which can be streamed on SoundCloud .

The collection is available on OpenSea, a platform for buying and selling digital collectibles. Each image is a non-fungible token (NFT), which means it is a unique and scarce digital asset that can be owned and traded by anyone. The collection is part of the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures its security and authenticity.

Cindy Model Dream 20 is a stunning and innovative collection that showcases the talents and visions of Cindy Kaza and Kookii. It is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Cindy's dream world, and to experience the beauty and mystery of her psychic abilities.


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