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Seven Samurai Full Movie __FULL__ Download

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Seven Samurai Full Movie __FULL__ Download

The second section is the obligatory battle scene, which this movie excels at, and certainly makes it among the best in the genre. One can see the film start to lag about halfway through, however, when it begins to focus more on the seven samurai's characters than on their battles. (This is only a minor problem)

The ending is the third and final section, and it is this material that makes the film truly special. The quiet and subdued credits are interrupted by a very touching scene in which the peasants who had gathered the heroes for protection, and those who had actually hired them, return to the suddenly vulnerable town to find that all the campfires of the samurai are gone. There is a brief ending in which the samurai return to their villages, but we are left up in the air as to what will happen to the residents of the farm town. Seven Samurai doesn't give us any resolutions, just a sense of loss and futility--a Japanese tradition that could only be born of the devastation brought by the Meiji Restoration. d2c66b5586


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