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Future's Past Productions

Digital Creators

We take great pride in creating the ultimate digital masterpieces, from video intros/outros, promotional ads, broadcast graphics, and thumbnails to full-on documentaries. Future's Past Productions is not only concerned with a quick, speedy, and timely production but more so a high-quality,  visually striking, and emotionally impactful production.


This fun and patriotic intro was done for a Liberty Report Special with Juan O Savin. You can see the delicate detail taken into this digital craft of combining both audio and visual to create the desired emotion.


Success is the only option. Our Mission is not only to digitally create your vision but, to deliver your vision to your audience where they receive it the way you envisioned them to.


We will create a PROMO for you that will

guarantee to grab anyone watching

and move them mentally, visually, and emotionally!

Here is a fun and powerful promo Future's Past Productions did for an amazing event!

  • We will create your perfect intro, giving you the professionalism you ...

  • Epic thumbnails custom sized for any type of project.

  • If it's a GFX you can imagine, it's a GFX we can create.

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